I spend my days helping the team at Serious Eats build great things. You can find me at @paulandrewcline on Twitter and on Github at paulcline, but most of my code is private.

I enjoy helping fun and meaningful people, build fun and meaningful things.

If that's you, get in touch.

Some Things I've Built

The United States of Burgers

I handled the tech side of the United States of Burgers – one of Serious Eats first forays into interactive editorial content. On the client, we’re using raphael.js to draw the map and handle the interactions.

The backend presented a different set of challenges: associating a burger with a state isn’t something MovableType excels at, as a result the editorial team was using Google Spreadsheets to compile their list. Without negatively impacting their workflow, we were able to use the Google Spreadsheets API to export the data to JSON and assemble the page.

Bone Broth? That's Also Called Stock

@StockStickler, a simple Twitter response bot dreamt up by @maxfalkowitz, trolling users for using the of the moment term for stock: bone broth.

The bot struck nerves (not all good ones) and was mentioned in write-ups on Deadspin, Eater, Eat Clean, First We Feast, and Men’s Journal among others.

Source: github.com/paulcline/twitter-response-bot

What's Popular on Serious Eats

Serious Eats uses the Chartbeat API to track popular content across the site, but required a custom solution to inject some editorial control in to the process. Data is aggregated from Chartbeat, filtered and scrubbed to enforce date restrictions and editorial rules, and then written out to JSON. Editors can override the display image using a single-page admin interface.